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Pupils' Section
Our pupils are involved in a number of initiatives.
Pupil Parliament The Eco-Warriors The Collectives House Captains
  Graveley Gazette Ambassadors  

Pupil Parliament

Our Pupil Parliament was established in 2010 and took over from the original school council.  Our aim was to give pupils a greater understanding of democracy and how decisions are made for the benefit of all people.  Children decide to put themselves forward and deliver election speeches to their class.  Formal elections (which are taken very seriously) are then held and a representative from each year group is appointed (two in Year 5 and 6).   They meet at least once every half term and feedback to Mrs Massey on areas of concern, ideas for development and other school issues that might have been brought to their attention.  Mrs Massey also raises questions and issues with them.  Together they help move the school forward – recent areas of development include voting for the wearing of ties across the school, fund raising activities (pyjama day) and purchasing new books for the reading scheme.  In 2013 our Pupil Parliament enjoyed a visit to the real Houses of Parliament.

Our Members are : Emily Cairncross, Joely Byrne, Adi Tiwari, Robbie Cox, Jack Robinson, Jane Griffin and Myleen Wright


The Eco-Warriors

Our Eco Warriors were set up in 2009 to help the school gain bronze Eco status. That happened very quickly and soon we were gaining silver status then in 2011 were awarded our Green Flag.  It was renewed in 2013 and we will be assessed again in 2015.  Through regular meetings, the children make a positive contribution towards Graveley’s Green Flag school status.  They organise events such as our annual Eco Day, undertake recycling, monitoring our water and electrical consumption and much more.  They also take an active part in identifying areas of need within the school and planning ways forward.  Pupils apply each year in writing to the Eco subject leader.

Our members are : Grace - Year 4, Amy - Year 4,Cara - Year 4,Lenny -Year 5,Mia - Year 6,Annie - Year 6,Rosie - Year 6,and Eleanor - Year 6


The Collectives

The Collectives were set up in 2013 to help plan and lead collective worship activities across the school.  Children apply in writing to the R.E. subject leader and, once appointed, meet to plan school activities.  Formal meetings take place at least every half term with informal meetings taking place weekly.  Recently The Collectives planned the Christmas Carol service and Harvest festival worship.  In addition they support the school through monitoring and feeding back to classes on their reflection areas. They are currently working on a school prayer.

Our members are :

Pranathi Koneru (Ambassador), Leon Massey, Ralph Phillips, Lauren Griffin, Joel Salmon, Emily Sheridan-Brown, Hattie-Rose Cutts, Lien Wright, Jane Griffin, Eva Shaw, Ethan Hutchinson-Brunning, Sam Gray


The House Captains

House were introduced in 2009 and their names were chosen through a competition – red ruby, blue sapphire, green emerald and yellow diamond.  In 2015 new banners representing each house were put on display in the hall. House captains are chosen by the head teacher and announced in the final assembly of the year ready for the new academic year.  House captains welcome visitors into school and play a key part in promoting the ethos of Graveley across the school.  They very much represent the ‘face’ of Graveley.

Our House Captains are Red Ruby Leon Massey,Yellow Diamond Sophie Hampshire,Green Emerald Joely Byrne and Blue Sapphire James Emmerson


Graveley Gazette

Graveley Gazette is the half termly newspaper written by and for the pupils of Graveley.  An editor is appointed in the summer term and all children in school are welcome to contribute.  Children in Class 4 together with the editor create the newspaper from the range of articles submitted.


Our Year 6 ambassadors were introduced in 2014 by Mrs Massey.  They play a key role in promoting and developing significant areas of school life.  Our reading ambassador works with the English subject leader to further develop our reading scheme. Our P.E. ambassadors help to organise our annual fun run.  Our maths ambassadors produce the monthly maths challenge for all students to take part in. We currently have ambassadors for maths, writing, reading, creativity and




















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